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Debt Consolidation Services

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Company Name
Professional Credit
Professional Credit, Inc. is one of the industry leading Debt Management Program (DMP) providers helping individuals and families nationwide become debt free. Our resources are available to consumers regardless of past credit history. Our mission is to educate as many Americans as possible about the burdensome effects of carrying excessive debt and to encourage consumers to control their debt instead of allowing it to control them.

Preferred Financial

Our debt reduction program is specifically designed to help individuals and family’s like yours to live a debt free life. With Millions of people having to resort to filing bankruptcy every year, debt reduction is a safe alternative that will allow you to regain control of your finances and start fresh inside of 48 months. Not only will we help to take the burden of having to deal with harassing creditors off of your shoulders, but we will also allow you to make one small monthly payment that is convenient for you. Whether your bills are current and up to date or have fallen behind because of an unforeseen financial hardship, we can deal with your creditors directly to get you out of debt. Please feel free to get a free, no obligation debt reduction analysis with an experienced financial counselor at Preferred Financial Services.
Totally Free
We provide professional debt consolidation and management services. This free service is for the person or family that has become over extended due to high interest rates and other factors which results in high credit card debt. By using our services you will pay significantly less each month and have more for yourself. You will pay off your debt faster. This is not a loan. No home is required!
Geana USA
Unlike other credit counseling programs that get some interest reduced without any reduction of the principal balance, our programs will get your actual principal balances reduced by 50%-60%. And we will have you debt free within 9-18 months. There is no other program that will get you out of debt faster, while saving you a substantial amount of money.
Probably at this point you have three options. You can declare bankruptcy, consolidate your debts or have your unsecured and credit card debt negotiated at savings up to 70%. Bankruptcy of course, is a last resort. Debt consolidation can lower interest rates but can extend loans out many more years. Debt Negotiation can shorten the length of your debt by years and save you up to 70%. Reducing your loans on unsecured and credit card debt could change your way of life. Our negotiation and settlement program can end those financial problems NOW with savings up to 70%! We understand that this is an important decision and for most people a bit scary. We are dedicated to helping you through these rough times.
Lending Tree
Use Your Home's Equity to Consolidate Your Debt
Benefits: Using your home's equity can provide tax advantages as well as a lower rate. Currently rates are as low as 3.75% APR.
Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.™'s mission is to assist families throughout the United States in ending financial crisis, and solving money management problems through education and professional counseling. Consolidated is a nationally recognized, federally approved, non-profit, tax exempt organization. The firm was established by an attorney, medical doctor, certified public accountant, and a consumer debt specialist in March of 1993, when consumer debt was on the fast track and financially derailing thousands of Americans.

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